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Sunday, 1 March 2020

Top 5 Writing Mistakes That Most Of the Students Make

Top 5 Writing Mistakes
English is an international language. Students are in the learning journey; therefore, they are unable to write a perfect of writing. Students are assigned to write the dissertation, theses and coursework. Due to lack of knowledge and improper information, students make common writing mistakes. Having writing mistakes decrease the grades of the students. Here, the professional writers of Dissertation writing service are discussing the top 5 writing mistakes that most of the students make. Grammar, punctuation, spelling, usage and structure mistakes are the top writing mistakes that students make. If you will avoid these mistakes in your writing by hiring a dissertation editing service then you will able to gain good grades.

1. Punctuation Mistakes:
Often student doesn’t use a comma after an introductory phrase. Introductory sentences require comma and background information. If your sentence is short then you must use the comma. Follow the below example to get a proper understanding of the comma usage. “After some time police searched to the thief” this is the wrong sentence, because, you don’t have used a comma after the introductory phrase. The right phrase is that “After some time, police searched to the thief “. Avoid from punctuation mistake and follow all the rules of the punctuation. Get enough information and do practices to use reduce punctuation mistakes.

2. Passive Voice Usage In The Content:
Student often writes their content in the passive voice. While, the use of passive voice is right, yet it should be limited and according to the requirements. The most common mistake is the use of a passive voice that you must wind up from your writing. Explaining your points in simple words can be beneficial for the students and can increase their grades. Active voices sentences are direct, strong and effective than passive voice. Ensure to use active voice sentences in your paragraphs. According to the words of Whitson Gordon, Passive voice isn't always the worst thing in the world, but when it makes a sentence incredibly wordy, you're doing a disservice to your readers. If you catch yourself saying "One of the reasons for this is," or something similar, you should probably rethink what the subject of that sentence is.

3. Spelling Mistake:
I think spelling mistake is the big writing mistake that students make in their academic writing. Of course, students are in the learning process and they have enough information about the right structure and homophones. Consequently, they often include homophones in their writing and change the meanings of their words. Homophones are the words which give the same pronunciation but represent different meaning. For example, students write “right “instead of “rite”. Personally, when I was writing my first article I have made this huge mistake and used the word “right” instead of “write”.

4. Poor Structure And Incorrect Paragraphs:
Using poor structure can interrupt the flow of writing. Often students give additional detail in their essay, dissertation and theses and they forget the basic points. Make sure that all the paragraphs are inter-linked and inter-mingled. If you will include poor paragraphs then you will lose your grades. If you will not write in a concise manner then the reader will not understand your point of view clearly. Make sure that you have used a correct paragraph and all the basic points are discussed carefully. Students don’t modifiers their sequence of writing. For example, students have to modify words and phrases according to the grammatical rules. But they don’t follow these rules and don’t adjust to the verb agreement in their lines.

5. Repetitive Words And Phrases:
Another big mistake that students mistake is the use of repetitive words or phrases. Often students struggle to communicate their ideas over and over and they don’t identify they are repeating words again and again. Academic writing is all about the correct use of amazing words. If you will use correct and accurate words then you will not able to maintain the quality of writing. Often students use synonyms in their writing that does not convey direct and clear meaning to the reader. Students should not use filler words in their academic writing. Indeed, they should not repeat sentences over and over in their writing. Don’t create confusion of the comma and semicolon.

To sum up the whole discussion, I would like to suggest all the students follow grammatical rules in academic writing. Avoid top mistakes and increase your grades. Follow some strategies to improve your quality of writing.