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5 Free Android Apps to Help Students with Their Math Homework

Math homework, quite possibly the most despised homework of all time. Students all across the world, no matter the race, gender or nationality, dislike math homework equally. There is no reason or logic that can explain this, it is a phenomenon that the teachers have come to terms with. Some punish, some ignore and some give up giving out homework altogether. Why do they hate math is a whole another discussion unto itself, but to put it briefly, usually it’s the vocabulary that puts the students off at the very beginning of their academic life. As far as its jus counting and numbers they don’t mind, but as soon as they are shifted to sums, it gets complicated for them. Complicated enough that they just give up on it altogether. Well here comes modern technology to the rescue. Got a smart phone? Well that’s all you need to wash away your math related issues. Below are five of the top apps that are available right now to help you with your math problems. He best part? They are all free.