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Sunday, 26 August 2018

Can Graphic Design Save Your Life: The Career Opportunities For a Degree in Graphic Design

The process of the visual communication by using the photography and some other kinds of illustrations is known as graphic designs. The graphic design is considered as a subfield of the visual communication. A person who uses the different graphic designing techniques to combine the different symbols and images for the representation of different ideas and techniques is known as the graphic designer. No doubt, to write a graphic design academic paper is a real challenge for the students. If you are not able to write a graphic designing academic paper, then you can get help from the academic writing services

The answer to the question “Can graphic design save your life?” is “Yes”. Its reason is that there are a huge amount of career opportunities are available for the graphic designers. The most common career opportunities for the graphic designers are given below;

1) Fashion designer

The graphic designers are creative persons and the creative persons are not interested in just one area of the field. The fashion is the field of the creative persons because they combine the different visual expressions in one extension.

2) Marketing manager

If you have a solid background in the graphic designing, then you can also avail the opportunity of the marketing manager. Its reason is that in the marketing field, there requires creative persons and the graphic designers have extraordinary creative skills.

3) Teacher/ Lecturer

As we know that graphic designing is one of the most prominent subjects at the schools, college, and university levels. Therefore, if you have done at least a master’s degree in the graphic designing, then you can also avail a lot of teaching opportunities in the schools, colleges, and universities.

4) UX/UI designer

In the graphic designing, most of the students prefer to choose the visual elements. If you are expert in the visual field of the graphic designing, then you can also avail a lot of job opportunities as UX and UI.

5) Wedding invitation designer

Nowadays, the brides and grooms spend a lot of money on their wedding ceremonies. Due to this reason, you can also start your career as a wedding designer.

6) Letterpress printer

If you are studying the graphic designing at the university level, then it is one of your dreams to become a letterpress printer. However, to get success in the field of letterpress printing, you will have to acquire a lot of skills in the graphic designing.

7) 3D illustrator

If you have enough skills in the computer processing field of the graphic designing, then you can start your career as a 3D illustrator.

8) Book cover designer

Nowadays, most of the readers give prefer to read a book in the soft form. The books that are available in the soft forms are known as E-Books. These E-Books have eye-catching covers. Therefore, you can also start a career as a book cover designer.

Moreover, you can also start your career as a sign painter, surface pattern designer, game designer, packaging designer, web designer, E-mail marketing designer, muralist, and much more.

Sunday, 4 March 2018

The difference between tech addiction and habit: How to save teens from tech addiction

The technology is all about making your life easy but what if we see that it is destroying our lives to a great deal. The attention that is required for multiple things is just given to one thing and hence we think that we are doing a great job by doing so. Using technology is not a bad thing but using it all the time makes you enslaved to it and like it or not we are liberated species on the earth, so we ought not to be treated this way. Today in this article we will discuss the difference between tech addiction and actual habits. For the reason consider the following points:

1- Human Nature

It is human nature that you must possess a habit. Habit is a repetitive action made by a human being because it’s a part of his nature or it is somewhat liked by that person. The habit is a naturally built phenomena of the world and it is retained by a human individual as a part of his personality. The habit is also a definition of an individual therefore, one must be very intelligent is appreciating the aspect as well as understanding the idea to a great deal.

2- Technology enslaved

The technology has enslaved our children to a great deal and the reason is that we are providing them with the tools to connect with it. The technology must deal a lot with the updating with the world, therefore the real world becomes the one that is presented in front of you via technology. The world in which you are living does not make any sense hence majority of the students keep on using their phones all the time.

Following are the tips to save teens from tech addiction:

1- Co-Curricular activities

The co-curricular activities are one of the reasons from which you can investigate a new area of interest. Indulge your students into co-curricular activities and see how it can take their interest on a different plane. The co-curricular activities also help them to learn skills outside their course and this too can help them in the longer run. Since majorly its about stage then they will not have to use phones and even If they do, it will be for a productive manner.

2- Live Performance

The live performance like concerts and many more can also be a motivation to help your children get ready of this tech addiction. They can enjoy the live performances and you can restrict them not to use their cellphones in time. The live performance can also serve as a motivator to get rid of tech addiction.

3- Family discussions

The families should also send this message that humans are more important that any other technology, hence there should be family gatherings where the interaction is face to face rather than relying on technology for it.

The tech addiction can eradicate a good deal of achievements and excitements so make sure you eradicate it first.