5 Free Android Apps to Help Students with Their Math Homework

Homework for Students
Math homework, quite possibly the most despised homework of all time. Students all across the world, no matter the race, gender or nationality, dislike math homework equally. There is no reason or logic that can explain this, it is a phenomenon that the teachers have come to terms with. Some punish, some ignore and some give up giving out homework altogether. Why do they hate math is a whole another discussion unto itself, but to put it briefly, usually it’s the vocabulary that puts the students off at the very beginning of their academic life. As far as its jus counting and numbers they don’t mind, but as soon as they are shifted to sums, it gets complicated for them. Complicated enough that they just give up on it altogether. Well here comes modern technology to the rescue. Got a smart phone? Well that’s all you need to wash away your math related issues. Below are five of the top apps that are available right now to help you with your math problems. He best part? They are all free.

1- Photomath: The ultimate path problem solver. Seems like way ahead of its time. Imagine this, you point your phone camera at your math problem, and voila! The solution appears on the screen. If that’s not magical than I don’t know what is. This free app is available right not on the Google Play store and is quite a hit. The design is nice and minimal and there is no setup required. All you have to do is point, and your math problem solution and the steps are available right then and there on the screen. But like everything else in life, everything has its cons. This app although with a quite magical and amazing concept and delivery, needs some accuracy increased as well. From the experiments conducted by us, it handled the simple sums and problems easily enough. And even though that’s pretty cool, it does get old after the first few tries. And while trying to solve complicated problems sometimes it displays the wrong solution, even after multiple tries. When pointed at a digital screen it gives a different solution each time. SO there are a few things that need to be looked at in order to make this a proper app. But who’s to say that it’s not possible. They got it this far, maybe in future updates they will make the problem solving much better.

2- AutoMath Photo Calculator: Just take a photo of a math question and you will be able to view the answer. Can it get any simpler? This makes checking your homework so much easier. According to the CEO of the assignment writing service firm, It supports up to 14 types of math problems including trigonometry, algebra, polynomials, algebra, basic algorithms. It provides you with a detailed answer with all the steps included. If in case the app itself is unable to understand something in the photo, it gives you an option to update the question manually which is a great help in itself. You can also input complete questions manually and it will give you the answers as well. A minimalistic design makes it easier to navigate and easy on the eyes. It does not require an active internet link to solve the problems, but it does require it to show you the steps. The best part is that there is an option to understand any math question or topic through live tutors online. Talk about a complete package.

Homework for Students
3- Mathway:
Mathway covers a lot of areas that other apps don’t. It has a lot of options like inputting the problems manually or just taking a picture of the math problem. It is quick and gives really fast results. The part where it excels is the detail of the solutions is very detailed. It will give you a very thorough explanation of how it got to an answer. This makes it a very good app to teach yourself math and understand it instead of just using it to finish your math homework. Included in the app is a built in graphing tool as well. This makes it one of the more advanced apps available for android or iTunes. It also has the option to share your math problem and solution via embedding or sending through email. The design is clean but the explanations can get a bit cluttered at times.

4- Cymath: Cymath has been an online helper for math for some time now, and has millions of users. The same engine is used in the app. It does not have any photo taking abilities, however it concentrates on bringing you the best possible explanation which you can use to understand the question and an learn what you were doing wrong. A nice User interface adds to the appeal of the app. It solves a wide variety of topics like calculus and algebra. A very clean User interface and ease of use makes it one of the best apps around for solving math problems.

5- Math Tricks: Want to learn some interesting and cool ways to speed up your math problem solving skills? Then math tricks is for you. It is designed like a game but is a great learning app for students and others alike. Plenty of learning or playing modes to choose from in this app. You can select the types of math problems you’re looking to learn about like addition, subtraction, square root, percentage etc. Within each category is the option to select a subcategory like multiplying divides in to two categories such as multiplying in hundreds or thousands or subtraction has sub category like subtracting numbers close to hundreds etc. According to a dissertation writing service, there is also a multi-user option which can change the device to split screen and enable two users to take part in a competitive game. This is an excellent app to learn and enjoy math. It really does increase your skill if you give it enough time.


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