Wednesday, 11 November 2020

Immigration Problems That Students Face in The UK

Immigration Problems in UK
Moving to a new city or country is full of challenges, and these challenges become even more complex when you do not know about the place you are moving to, have no friend or relative to guide you; and, you are not proficient in the language of that country. This becomes especially tough for students who have no experience and idea of settling in a new place, and they end up facing a lot of problems in trying to adjust to the new country as well as in their academic routine.

According to a dissertation help firm, the UK is one of the best places to study, and students from all over the world come here to get degrees in the programs of their choice. Studying in the UK not on gives them a chance to work with the best professors and learn at the most historic and prestigious academic institutes; but, it also offers them a chance to get an experience that thousands can only think about. However, coming to a new place and settling here, trying to blend in with the people and culture is not as easy as it might seem. Coming here is easy, but being a part of a new place is certainly challenging.

Students, due to lack of experience as well as familiarity, face a lot of immigration problems when they come to the UK as the laws and regulations and the land are new to them. They need to know about things, learn the rules, and make an effort to do things right to settle conveniently. This article discusses the most significant immigration problems that students face when they come to the UK for education.

Language, without any doubt, tops the list of all the issues that students face when they move to the UK for academic purposes. It is because many of them are coming from places where English is not the native language and they have not learned in English; even when they seek admission in a UK university, they are not coming for the language but for the course that will give them the knowledge and skills they require to excel in their field. The inability to speak, read and write good English makes things difficult for them as the language, as well as the accent, are unfamiliar to them, and they take a longer time to adjust after coming here.

Another major problem that students migrating to the UK face is finding the right place to live or accommodation in the dorm. Some students can adjust well in the dorm with other students, but many want to have their setup so that they can cook food and live comfortably, especially those coming with their partners. They have to look for a place that is near to their university or college, is not very expensive, and helps them save on transportation costs, which is not easy. Lack of knowledge about housing costs as well as how the market works can be added complications. They need to find someone who can help them in this regard as finding accommodation in a new place is no easy thing and can take months if they do not know what to do.

Students coming to the UK also go through financial problems; not everyone is rich or fortunate enough to have parents paying for their tuition fees along with other expenses. Many students have to work part-time to make the ends meet, and pay for their expenses, while many work full days on weekends, depending on their situations and need for money. Students coming to the UK must plan their finances well and look into this matter so that they do not face any critical situation in a foreign land.

Accessing local services is sometimes very tough for students as they do not know what to do and where to go for what they need, such as health, legal, and social services. The type, range, and quality of services available in their own country will be very different from what they would find in the UK. Most immigrant students go through this problem as trying to know what is available and accessing it is the biggest issue.

Sometimes, students also have to face isolation as being away from home is not easy, especially when they are away for the first time and miss their family. This can become a problem for them, and they need to take all the right steps so that they can adjust easily in the UK. Students can face several immigration problems when coming to the UK. It is up to them to work on them and come up with the best solutions to enjoy their life here.


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