Tuesday, 24 December 2019

Developing Interesting Ways of Research

Interesting Ways of Research
When someone says ‘interesting ways of research’, it clicks for two things. Either it is for conducting research method as if it is marketing or market research then the way you will conduct survey or interview your sample. Second thing that comes in our mind is interesting ways for writing research and both are right and itself interesting. First will discuss the interesting research method and here, you can make it interesting by involving people voluntarily not asking for a help. It is possible by introducing new ways for survey, it can be like a game at a public place and that will encourage people to participate.

It is not only interesting but also gives an unbiased data because here people voluntarily so their expressions are true to observe their attitude and behaviour to conclude the study. Asking interesting question in your questioner that people will enjoy answering if you are required to conduct interviews with the samples of your population then try it to be unstructured. Because, when you will structure an interview and have fixed a time for a person for asking some particular questions then for sure he has planned answer in advance for possible questions that you can ask.

So it can results in biased results but unstructured interviews allow people to participate voluntarily and they will answer what they think actually. No doubt there are some research types where there are typical surveys and structured interviews are required and we cannot neglect them. It will not only makes research interesting and gives unbiased results but also makes your research process enjoyable that will encourage you to proceed further. But when we are going to talk about writing a research paper in an interesting way then there are some conflicts from other researchers and here we must discuss views of them to make research interesting. Most of the researchers says that no one is going to read an academic paper for entertainment so there is no need for making it interesting.

Some of them also say if you really want to make your research paper more interesting, you must learn the way of presenting a complex topic in an easy and understandable way. For instance, including graphs and diagrams, provide more explanations, list interesting facts on the topic. You can also make demonstration video or presentation. In my view, there are many methods to make a research paper more interesting, you’re your topic must be considered first, and research paper requirements and the purpose of study should also be keep in mind. And writing a research paper requires both critical thinking and creative writing skills. So, if you want to make it more interesting for a reader try to find interesting or unknown facts connected to the topic you are writing about. People ask why to make a paper interesting and here are the answers;
  • It will encourages new researchers or students to conduct research
  • It will make easier for them to study a lengthy set of documents
  • Even addition of an interesting fact can give them a clue for further study or research.