Saturday, 3 February 2018

20 unique and impressive topic ideas in Technology

With the advancement in technology the ideas are also emerging out for changing the world. There are new inventions in technology such as brain wave passwords, coffee-powered cars. Floating farms and much more innovations and incredible inventions that will shape our future. 
Some of the unique and impressive ideas that technology has innovated are outlined below:

1. Space drones:

NASAhas declared to challenge the designers to produced a conventional drone that can work inside the space station. The wining designs will include the use of cameras as well tiny beacon for manoeuvre the surroundings.

2. 760mph Trains:

The technology has put forward an idea of innovating the ideas of inspiring human brain. It is expected that in future there will be trains that will be hurtling down the tunnel at the speed of a commercial jet that is incredible. The founders gave the estimation that the passengers will be able to travel through the vacuum tube up to 760mph that will be propelled by the compressed air and the induction motors.

3. Coffee Power:

It is found that the London coffee industry produces over 200,000 tones waste of annually. The entrepreneur Arthur Kay has given an incredible idea to turn the 85% of the coffee waste into the biofuels that will be used to heat the buildings and the powering transport.

4. Space Balloons:

the technology has claimed that now the trip to the space would be possible with a balloon in future. The World View Enterprises wants that the tourist should be sent 32km above earth on the hot air balloons.

5. Viagra for women:

The US food as well as Drug Administration has introduced drugs for improving thewomen sexual desires as it is being dubbed the female Viagra that works differently by boosting the blood supply to penis and flibanserin acts on the serotonin receptors of brain. They claim that its raises sexual satisfaction but the critics question the drug effectiveness and safety.

6. Breathalyser Cars:

The US National administration of High way safety has generated devices to monitor levels of alcohol by sniffing the breath or just scanning blood in the fingertips through the steering wheel and immobilising the cars if they find the high-level dose.

7. Internet for everyone:

Elon Musk is thinking of providing free internet to almost 4000 small satellites.

8. Personalities for robots:

It will be an innovative generation in near future.

9. Smart food labels

In UK special labels will be produced for blinds that will be smart enough to renew the wasted food into new ones including same protein as before.

10. Self-driving trucks

In near future there will be self-driving trucks for carrying loads hired by companies.

11. pain free removal for tattoos

there will be pain free laser removal for tattoos that will be cheaper and is replaced by a cream instead of laser.

12. sleep in a dish of petri

For people having sleeping problems will now be helped for unravelling the sleeping disorders.

13. human head transplants

Human brain will be now being attempted to be transplanted.

14. Human brain password:

In near future, honed version of the human brain password will be introduced that could be verified by the person sitting at the PC.

15. Floating Farms:

It is predicted that there will be 2 billion more people in 2050 and there will be demand of 70% more foodtherefore it is proposed to generate floating farm of 350 by 200m that will produce an estimate of 8.1 tones vegetable and 1.7 tonesfish annually.

16. Near Perfect Insulation

17. Pleistocene park

18. The four-day working weekly

19. Holiday by Airship

20. Crowed source antibiotics


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