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Dissertation Outline Template A Guide To Writing The Outline

In order to write the dissertation, one may have to follow the outline template in order to make it more appropriate and efficient. Many universities are offering guidelines to their students that help them in making dissertations that how they can set and organize dissertations and dissertation writing services. Most dissertations are organized into four or five chapters. There are many variations and details depending upon the dissertation topic. In social sciences proposal of dissertation only contains first three chapters in a format of five chapters or first two chapters in the format of four chapters. A dissertation outline template mostly comprises of five chapters. The most integral chapters of the dissertation are chapter three which is based on a methodology that depends on qualitative and quantitative or mixed method design. The fourth chapter of the dissertation is analysis of results and findings and, literature review is the second chapter.
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In a five-chapter dissertation, chapter 1 is the introduction based on following headings that is an introduction, background, problem statement, purpose, research questions, the importance of the study, the definition of terms, limitations, and conclusion. The second chapter that is the literature review includes an introduction, search description, theoretical framework and research review.  This chapter is based on several research studies conducted by the topic you have selected for your interest. Chapter three includes methodology either qualitative, quantitative or mixed. 

In a qualitative methodology following headings are used that are introduction, research design, questions, hypothesis, population, sample size, respondents, data collection method, tools, data analysis methods like SPSS, Google questions etc. and conclusion of the chapter. If the methodology is mixed then the chapter three which is methodology is based on headings like introduction, research design, questions and hypothesis, sample, data collection methods, data analysis and conclusion.

In the fourth chapter of dissertation that is research findings, the findings from questionnaires are represented on a chart along with their analysis. The questionnaire used normally has close-ended questions and the analysis is done with the help of  SPSS or some other analysis tools. This chapter is based on headings like introduction of the chapter, findings (analyzed by research questions and hypothesis) and conclusion of the chapter. The last chapter is conclusion chapter or discussion chapter and suggestions for research to be conducted in future. This chapter is based on headings like introduction, findings summary and conclusions (research questions and hypothesis), discussion, suggestions for research to be conducted in future and conclusion. Research limitation can also be included in this chapter. 

A research limitation is a weakness that limits the internal as well as external validity of the results. Most of the limitations are conceptualized. Limitations are those that are out of reach of researcher. Limitations may include statement of the results that may be impossible to meet like interpretation of results. This chapter also includes future recommendations and provides guidance that is based on dissertation which is related to the theoretical and empirical theory. Lastly at the end of the dissertation references and appendices are also mentioned.


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