Friday, 4 August 2017

Facebook Project for Free Global Internet

Free Internet
According to the founder and CEO of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg, will connect African online with help of a satellite that will be launched next year. It is being speculated that Facebook will start beaming free internet service to sub-Saharan Africa in the first half of 2016 in an effort to connect the world and even users will be able to buy dissertation online using Facebook. is an initiative by Facebook which is pursuing the ultimate goal of keeping at least two-thirds of world population connected and moving forward, especially the third world countries and continents.

As far as the news report, Facebook in collaboration with a French company Eutelsat, share the Spacecom satellite and use it to send the internet beam to Africa. Both these companies will be using the entire broadband payload of the satellite and make this dream come true. According to the reports, this free internet project will reach 14 countries in western, eastern and Southern zones of African continent. The main focus of this program is the rural communities and this is the main reason why the technology has been optimized to provide communities and direct to user internet access instead of offering it to companies and bigwigs.

It is Facebook’s goal to connect he world population online but this might not be as easy as it sounds or it has been made to sound and critics have their reservations on this issue. While it might be a great chance for people who have no idea where the world is moving to have a chance to explore the world with help of the world wide web and come in direct contact with the outside world in terms of business, education and world peace and cooperation, but in the long run, there might be many other factors too which would create a lot of trouble and make this blessing a curse for many who would not know how to handle this technology the right way and reap its benefits due to lack of education and sense of usage.

Facebook says that already 800 million people in nine countries are using and it makes it a fabulous way to connect to the world. However, it has to be remembered that net neutrality is another factor which must be considered as only offers access to selected websites which are working with it. On the other hand, Zuckerberg has defended this project, and says that it can “coexist” with net neutrality and does not pose any danger to principles of net neutrality, threatening freedom of expression, equality of opportunity, security, privacy, and innovation.

It is yet to be seen how things shape up and if the combined project of Facebook as well as the satellite companies actually takes over and is accepted with open arms by people and countries because there is not only the issue of getting things done the right way but the economic issue too which might only arise after things are about to take off to see how well-prepared Facebook is to make it work. We can hope that within a few months or may be a few years, internet will be free specially for students who will be looking for dissertation writing services and more great study resources.